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Songul Alcı MBA Hair Transplant Center Reviews and Prices

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Songül Alcı started her hair transplant career at Transmed Hair Clinic in 2001. She is one of the first women to perform FUE using her Micromotor in 2006 and is an expert who has helped invent and manufacture many hair transplant equipment over the years.

She has served as the founder and manager of Hair Health and Hair Transplantation Units of many Medical Park hospitals since 2008. She continues to work at Medicana Kadıköy Hospital, which was selected as the “Best Hair Transplantation Center” in Turkey in 2020.

Songul Alcı Frequently Asked Questions About MBA

Frequently asked questions about Songül Alcı MBA are as follows.

  • Is hair analysis free?: Yes
  • The place where the procedure takes place: Hospital
  • Is the clinic reliable?: Yes.
  • Techniques Applied: Songül Alcı MBA Sapphire Hair transplantation is performed with FUE and DHI hair transplantation methods.
  • Hair Transplant Results Density: 85% and above
  • Top Demanded Countries: Turkey, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Russia
  • General Satisfaction: 80% and above, successful
  • Graft Count and Density: Maximum possible number of grafts

Songül Alcı MBA Hair Transplantation Center Advice and Complaints

We have shared with you below the patient comments about hair transplantation performed through Songül Alcı MBA. Apart from a few negative comments, there are mostly positive comments about the Songül Alcı hair transplant center.

Positive Comment:

Negative Comment:

Songul Alci MBA Hair Transplant Center Prices

Prices in hair transplantation procedures vary according to the hair density of the people. In general, Songül Alcı MBA hair transplantation prices are between 5000 TL and 20,000 TL.

Songül Alcı MBA Hair Transplant Center Before and After Photos

Below you can find the before and after photos of the transplanting procedures performed by Songül Alcı MBA.

For more examples, you can use the contact information below.

Songül Alcı MBA Hair Transplant Center Contact Information

You can reach Songül Alcı MBA from the contact information below.

Instagram: Instagram

Website: https://songulalci.com/

Email: info@songulalci.com

Phone : +90-505-453-7328

This post is not a recommendation post. Before choosing hair transplantation, you should consult with a specialist and do research.

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