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For Whom The Hair Transplant is Appropriate

by Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair transplant operations, contrary to popular belief, do not involve an intensive surgical process. Hair transplantation operations can be preferred by both men and women. Although there are some minor side effects that people experience during this process, it should be noted that hair transplantation does not have great risks.


Who generally prefers to benefit from hair transplantation technology? For Whom The Hair Transplant is Appropriate? We will give you detailed information about this subject.

  1. It is known that people who apply to the hair transplantation process are usually men. The baldness gene is a gene transferred from father to son. This gene is carried entirely through the Y chromosome. This often causes men to experience regional baldness. This condition of baldness occurs, especially in the middle age process. A hair transplant is suitable for people who experience this period.
  2. Many women complain of having lifeless hair. These women can apply for hair transplant procedures to make their hair look more vivid and beautiful. With hair transplant, supplements made to the hair, after a certain period of time will provide much fuller hair. Moreover, this will be a permanent solution.
  3. Although there is no genetic baldness problem, there may be a man who suffer from continuous hair loss due to problems such as life practices and periodic stress. Generally, people can understand how long this hair loss can last. If the person thinks that this process will continue for a long time, they can get a hair transplant service. The hair transplant service allows people to more easily tolerate the aesthetic problem that occurs during this hair loss process.
  4. Many people may experience hair loss due to some cosmetic procedures. In such cases, a hair transplant can be performed to take the necessary precautions. Each problem may require a different hair transplant process. It may be a logical idea to choose the most suitable hair transplant technology for you. We recommend that you consult your doctor for this. For example, while the FUE hair transplant process is quite intense, the so-called soft hair transplant process can be used for less problematic situations. For more information, contact a successful hair transplant clinic.
  5. A hair transplant can be performed for all of the above conditions. The only condition required for hair transplantation is donor adequacy.


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