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Hair Transplant Process Month by Month

by Hair Transplant Turkey

After the hair transplant process, we talked about things you should pay attention to. Under this heading, we will be able to examine the effects of hair transplantation in different months. Let’s start our investigation.

  1. First process: The first month after the hair transplant takes place is called the first process. This initial process mainly involves the healing of scalp wounds. During this process, the nutritional routine and supplements taken are really important for the healing of scalp wounds. Since we provide detailed information about this subject in the upper part of our article, we pass this point without mentioning which vitamins you will need especially. During this process, a process called shock hair loss is also experienced. The patient loses some of the hair strands planted during the hair transplantation process. The hair remaining in the scalp will grow after this process.
  2. Steady hair growth: After a period of healing for the first month and after the hair loss process, the hair remaining on the scalp begins to grow regularly. The average amount of hair growth per month is 2 centimeters. This ratio may be different in different people. Approximately the amount of hair growth during this process may be between 1 centimeters and 3 centimeters per month. Between 2 and 5 months this process continues regularly. As the hair grows, you start to get the look you dream of. During this process, the hair becomes more and more powerful and the scalp sensitivity decreases.
  3. Consistent Hair Growth phase: This process lasts for approximately two months. After the hair transplant process, you will see that the hair gains a stronger, brighter, more lively and fuller texture. In this process, your hair will start to look brighter now. You can also contribute to a thicker structure of your hair if you feed properly and continue to take supplementary foods as needed. Hair strengthened sufficiently in this process helps to complete your overall look.
  4. The phase of Remarkable Density: This process usually occurs between the 8th and 9th months. During this process, you will feel that both the roots and the ends of the hair are intensely strengthened. Your hair will become more and more robust thanks to the extra care products you will use. You can visit the clinic or take photos of your hair doctor if you wish to carry out the necessary checks. The density of your hair will increase rapidly in this process.
  5. Perfection: In the 10th and 12th month after the hair transplantation process, you will see the final results of the hair transplantation process. In this process, your hair will now have a completely natural and healthy appearance. What’s more, all the power your hair needs is in your hair. You will not lose your hair again unless your lifestyle, stress level or care routine changes intensively after this process. Because of this, you should not forget to take good care of your hair.


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