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The Results of DHI Hair Transplant

by Hair Transplant Turkey


  1. Unlike other hair transplantation, DHI hair transplantation will help create a more intense hair appearance. Often people who prefer DHI hair transplantation are most satisfied with this point. When DHI hair transplantation results are examined, it is seen that a dense, fuller and healthy hair appearance is obtained. Therefore, especially those who demand a result in this direction definitely prefer the DHI method.
  2. Another consequence of the DHI hair transplantation method is the absence of scars and cuts. There are actually two reasons for this. First of all, as mentioned before, the DHI hair transplantation method does not apply any intensive surgical procedure to the areas where hair follicles need to be transplanted. This prevents the formation of scars in the scalp area. Therefore, this results in a much faster recovery in the post-hair transplantation process. In DHI hair transplantation, donor intake is also carried out without interruption. In this way, there is no trace after the hair transplantation process.
  3. Another consequence of DHI hair transplantation is that hair enters the process of growth faster. Since there are no wounds to heal, the hair may begin to grow a month earlier. This will help the patient to achieve the desired image earlier.
  4. As a result of the DHI hair transplantation method, there is absolutely no pain. This is because this method is performed under local anesthesia. With local anesthesia, one does not feel any of the procedures performed on the scalp. Therefore, no sense of pain is experienced in any way. Therefore, you can do this without worrying about the pain in any way.
  5. DHI hair transplantation method, unlike other hair transplantation methods, is carried out by spreading over a few days. In this way, maximum productivity is provided. It is also more accurate to perform this process in terms of sensitivity problems that may occur in the scalp. Therefore, it is recommended that you complete the treatment within three different days by planning the treatment process with the advice of your doctor.

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