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Who Can Have DHI Hair Transplant?

by Hair Transplant Turkey

Do you wonder who can have a DHI Hair transplant? Here are necessary pieces of information about who can have this type of hair transplant:

DHI hair transplantation method to ensure the proper implementation of some basic rules is required. Both women and men, as well as many individuals of different ages, may have a DHI hair transplant. There is a very important detail to know about DHI hair transplantation.

As is known, a special needle is used to perform the DHI process. This special needle may cause irritation to the scalp if multiple procedures are applied. Therefore, it is not recommended to make more than 3000 grafts in a single day. Therefore, a DHI hair transplant is completed on several different days. All graft procedures that need to be performed are divided into three different days. In this way, it is ensured that people have this procedure in a healthy way.

Women who prefer DHI hair transplantation generally prefer the unshaven DHI hair transplantation method. In this way, while the hair transplantation process continues, they do not have to give up the overall appearance of their hair completely.

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Usually, approximately 95 percent of DHI hair transplant procedures are performed as shaved. This method provides higher performance. However, approximately 5 percent may be unshaven.

For people who prefer the DHI hair transplantation method, anesthesia is applied first. Therefore, even people with anxiety about blood or different surgical procedures may prefer DHI hair transplantation. DHI hair transplantation methods are fully performed in just 3 days. Because the healing process is also short, professionals can complete this process simultaneously without any problem.

People who prefer DHI hair transplantation should not have any serious blood problems. Because bleeding may occur during procedures performed on the scalp. For people with health problems related to their blood, this may lead to worse consequences than expected. Therefore, a check is made by the doctor before the procedure takes place. If all necessary conditions are met, the process starts.

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