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Self Care After Hair Transplant

by Hair Transplant Turkey

After the hair transplantation process, there are many issues that are people curious about. The question of whether the pain is felt especially after hair transplantation is one of the most common questions asked in this sense. There is absolutely no pain after hair transplantation. Thanks to advanced technology, this treatment is very professional. You will not feel pain at any stage after the hair transplant, including the first night. However, during the healing process of the wounds, you may feel some itching on your scalp. Various ointments can be used to avoid such a feeling. Here details about self-care after hair transplant:

On the first night after the hair transplantation, there are a few things to consider. Let’s examine them:

  1. First, sexual relationship should not be experienced during the night of hair transplantation. Hormones secreted during sexual relationship may adversely affect the hair transplantation effect.
  2. On the evening of the day of hair transplantation, substances with drug effects should not be consumed. For example, alcohol is one of these substances. Alcohol consumption slows down the process of trying to keep up with changes by actively working cells. This can have some negative effects.
  3. It is not recommended to do sports during the day of hair transplantation. Sweating status and hormones secreted during sports can negatively affect hair health after hair transplantation.

The warnings listed above are valid for the first day only. All of this can then be done later.

  1. After hair transplantation, you have various alternatives for hair care. With clean ingredients, you can wash your hair in the same order you normally wash your hair. During this process, you must support the health of your hair and scalp with the care lotion. A foam called Megahairtrans is often recommended by doctors.
  2. It is recommended that you wait three days after a FUE hair transplant to wash your hair. In this way, you will wash your hair at a time when the wounds are closed and the sensitivity decreases. This avoids experiencing any irritation.
  3. You should definitely avoid making harsh movements while washing your hair. It is very important not to make hard movements and not to use very hot or very cold water.

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