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After The Hair Transplant Process

by Hair Transplant Turkey

Let’s talk about the post hair transplant process in detail.

  1. Hair transplantation involves a procedure of approximately eight hours. During this procedure, small holes are made in your scalp. In these small micro-sized holes, the strands are placed one by one. Especially those who prefer FUE hair transplantation method are treated in this way. Later, minor injuries occur in the scalp due to this surgical process. These minor injuries can take up to a week to heal. In the first month, you will observe the complete disappearance of these wounds. The wounds first incrust and then heal completely. If your immune system is not strong, it may be beneficial to have protein-fed or supplementary protein medications during this period.
  2. Once all scalp wounds have healed, approximately 40 percent of the transplanted hair is completely shed. In general, the success rate of hair transplantation in individuals is 60 percent. That is, while approximately 60 percent of the transplanted hairs continue to grow in harmony with the scalp, 40 percent of these hairs fall out. At the end of the month, this hair loss process is experienced. People experience hair loss quite quickly. But this is a very normal process and does not mean that there are any problems.
  3. After the hair loss process is completed, the remaining hair should begin to grow. During this process, it is observed that the hair grows one to two centimeters per month. Factors such as nutritional routine containing healthy foods and being away from the stress of daily life directly affect the growth rate of hair. Based on this correlation, which has been proven by scientific studies, we can say that you need to pay extra attention to your daily routine during this process when your hair grows.
  4. Your hair continues to grow after the hair transplant process. These are hair that will be permanent like your natural hair as long as you have good daily care and life routine.
  5. You can get advice about your nutritional routine after hair transplantation from your doctor or you can review other articles on our website.


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