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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant in Turkey

by Hair Transplant Turkey

As is known, Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for hair transplant operations. In this case, many people in foreign countries do research on the causes of that why people prefer Turkey for hair transplantation process. Therefore, we have prepared an informative article for you. The most frequently asked questions about the hair transplant in Turkey are included within our articles and the answers to these questions. For more information, please read the rest of our article.

1. Is Hair Transplant in Turkey Safe?

In Turkey, there are many hair transplant clinic, especially in Istanbul province. Some of these clinics may be private institutions and some maybe government agencies. All of the institutions that provide services in the health sector in Turkey is supervised by official institutions. Organizations that have to meet a certain standard in terms of hygiene standards, service quality and customer satisfaction provide high standard services. This situation is causing many consumers to trust the institutions in Turkey in the hair transplant process. There is also a special Consumer Court to apply for any kind of problems you will encounter as a consumer in Turkey.

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2. When Does The Hair grow After Hair Transplant Process?

Waiting for the hair to grow immediately after the hair transplantation process may disappoint you. Within a week after the hair transplantation, your scalp may have bleeding and itching. The hair growth process takes about 6 months. Your hair will grow in a bushy manner thanks to the system that provides the hair to be fed from the root. But over time, some of your growing hair may fall out. After a certain time, your hair will have the most natural and healthy appearance in its balance. In about a year, your hair can have exactly the length and appearance you want.


If you have any problems or questions after the hair transplant process, you can contact the hair transplant surgeon. Hair transplant clinics provide uninterrupted service to their customers.

3. When The Results of Hair Transplant Can Be Seen? 

After the hair transplantation process, various periods are experienced. Each of these periods represents a different success. As it is known, hundreds of new hairs are placed on your scalp during the hair transplantation process. But it is impossible for all of these strands to grow in perfect interaction with your scalp. Therefore, approximately one month after the hair transplant, shock hair loss may occur. You don’t have to be afraid of this hair loss process.

After this process, the remaining hair, will begin to grow healthy within a few months.

3. What Is The Best Technique of Hair Transplant? 

There are many different methods you can choose for your hair transplantation process. Choosing one of these methods can often be difficult. But our advice to you is not to decide for yourself. When you go to the hair transplant clinic, a specialist doctor will give you some ideas about this.

As a result of the investigation on your own scalp’s features, the doctor will decide which treatment is more suitable for you according to your personal wishes and your current situation. Two popular treatment modalities are currently known as DHI hair transplant and FUE hair transplant. Of these, FUE is very popular. FUE is the process of injecting each strand into the scalp one by one.

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4. How To Choose One of The Hair Transplant Center?

There are many clinics serving in the field of hair transplant. This situation may cause confusion in the choosing of hair transplant services. Those wishing to get a good hair transplant service should pay attention to the Google reviews of the clinic in question. The comments written by the people who have served here on any forum site can also be very decisive in terms of service quality. Therefore, it is very important to conduct detailed research on the internet.

In addition, we recommend that you conduct separate research on both the clinic and the doctors working in the clinic. In this way, you can get much clearer information. In addition to Google reviews, there are different things to consider. For example, even the design of the official website of the institution in question gives you many tips about the clinic. The services that the clinic can offer you can be deducted from the care that this clinic makes on its website. Choosing a clinic with a popular, prestigious promotional power will always benefit you.


5. What Is The Success Rate of Hair Transplant?

The hair transplant process is a process that can create different results in each individual. It is therefore impossible to provide a clear success rate for the hair transplantation process. But we can offer an average success rate. Advanced technologies have led to an increase in the success rate of the hair transplantation process. With these technologies, the hair can be injected into the scalp one at a time, and as a result, the hair of the patient can grow more powerfully. This significantly increased the successful results of the hair transplantation process. After hair transplantation, between 10 and 80 percent of the transplanted hair is fully integrated with the scalp and begins to grow. This situation allows the person to achieve the hair that he or she has imagined. On average, this rate is approximately 60 percent for people. However, there are cases where this ratio moves to extreme values.

Your doctor will give you information about the average success rate of the hair transplant process during the examination performed before the hair transplant process. It is also recommended that you decide together with your doctor about the method that will achieve the highest success in your scalp.

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6. Does Hair Loss Happen After Hair Transplant Process?

Hair loss occurs within a month after the hair transplantation process. Hair loss during this process is very normal, so you do not have to worry. Approximately 40 percent of the scalp will not be fully attached to the scalp. Remember that it is quite normal. This situation worries most patients. However, it is impossible for all hairs integrated into the scalp to continue to grow as a result of hair transplantation. Generally, doctors aim to continue growing approximately 80 percent.

This rapid hair loss process can be called the shock hair loss process. There is no hair loss after this process. Your remaining hair will continue to grow successfully.

7. Is Hair Transplant Harmful? 

The fact that hair transplantation has been carried out by many celebrities in recent years caused more questions about this field. The last question we will discuss in this article is the question of whether hair transplantation is harmful. Hair transplantation should be carried out in accordance with certain hygiene standards and with certain technological methods. If all the requirements are met, it is not possible that the hair transplant will be harmful.


However, hair transplantation can cause various scalp infections, especially in clinics that are problematic about hygiene standards. Injuries, bleeding, blood clotting problem or infections are serious problems. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to be quite careful when choosing a clinic. It is very important to examine the user reviews of the clinic and to have information about the general characteristics and location of the clinic. But the important thing is to know what your rights are as a consumer and an individual who receives service.


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