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Prices of Hair Transplant in Turkey

by Hair Transplant Turkey

We talked about the hair transplant procedure is quite affordable in Turkey. However, if you are looking for a numerical average value, we will provide detailed information on this topic. What are the prices of hair transplant in Turkey?

First of all, it should be emphasized that hair transplant prices may vary from person to person. The elements that each person needs for a successful hair transplant process are different from the other. This may cause the hair transplant process to end or take longer. In addition, the effort of health personnel depends on the case. Therefore, instead of providing a certain price, it would be a more accurate approach to offer a price range.

hair transplant prices in Turkey, calculated by the Dollar, is between approximately 2,000 to 4,000 dollars.

It is worth noting that the same quality process starts at $ 15,000 in many European countries or the United States. The price difference between the two different regions, large enough to offer you a luxury holiday in Turkey. Therefore, in the hair transplant field, Turkey has become one of the most preferred countries. Tourists prefer this place both for saving money and for vacationing with the money they save.

Different hair transplant techniques may require different prices. The most widely used hair transplant process is called FUE Hair Transplant. This process is defined as Follicular Unit Extraction. In this process, each strand is separately integrated into the scalp. Therefore, both higher costs and higher effort are used for this method. Since the FUE method has been discovered in the field of hair transplant, almost all clinics have been using this method. Users also prefer this method with the maximum success rate. So it is logical the fact that the price of this method is slightly higher than other methods.

Hair transplant prices do not include tours. If you want to take part in city tours for an affordable price, you can also talk to the tour companies with the guidance of the clinic you are interviewing and start planning a perfect Istanbul holiday for yourself.


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