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Before and After Hair Transplant

by Hair Transplant Turkey

Before and After Hair Transplant photos are usually very motivating for people who want to have a hair transplantation process. By looking at these photos, these users can decide to do a hair transplant with great expectations. However, this can often cause disappointment in patients. Before and After Hair Transplant photos published on websites for advertising purposes can sometimes be misleading. Because these photographs are provocative photographs used to attract consumer attention.

After the hair transplant process, there are a few things you should pay attention to so that you do not experience disappointment. Let’s examine them:

  1. Make sure you tell your doctor exactly what you want. In all cosmetic procedures, the main reason for dissatisfaction is the insufficient communication between the doctor and the patient. This situation causes the patient to be dissatisfied with the image he has after the surgery. To avoid this, tell your doctor how you would like to look at hair simulations if necessary.
  2. Pay attention to the information your doctor will give you. Remember, the efficiency everyone can get from the hair transplant process cannot be the same. Your doctor will advise you of the outcome after you have examined your hair in general. This information process will prevent you from over-exaggerating dreams. Therefore, it is very important that you care about the information your doctor will give you.
  3. There are a few small points to consider before, during and after the hair transplant process. Your doctor will advise you of all these issues. Paying attention to the necessary points will help you get maximum efficiency from the hair transplant process. Therefore, you should examine everything that needs to be considered during the hair transplant process and behave accordingly.
  4. After the hair transplant process, do not expect a noticeable result during the time period your doctor tells you. The hair transplantation process is effective after a certain period of time and your hair needs to grow at a certain rate in order for this effect to reach exactly the level you expect. Therefore, you should not expect a miracle that will occur suddenly after the hair transplantation process.


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