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Best 10 Hair Transplant Clinics And Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey Listed

by Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey is one of the countries providing the highest quality hair transplant services at an extremely affordable price. While you are getting service in this region, which has developed health tourism in the field of hair transplants, you can get the chance to benefit from various tour services, accommodation services, or additional hair care services. Today, we have prepared a Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey list for those who want to get a hair transplant service that is affordable, that will completely change one’s appearance and offered using luxury technologies. If you are unsure about which center to choose, you can check the list!

Este Favor Hair Transplant Clinic (İstanbul)

Este Favor Hair Transplant Center, as one of the most famous clinics in Turkey, welcomes a large number of international patients every year. Recently, Este Favor has begun to adopt the “boutique service approach”. This understanding reduces the number of patients admitted during the day and maximizes the time and energy allocated to a patient. In short, Este Favor Hair Transplant Clinic can be a great option if you want to get personalized, tailor-made service.

The primary feature of the clinic is its great success in the field of Safir FUE. By using high-end sapphire blades, the doctors here allow you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Minimizing scalp tissue damage
  • Opening a channel only the size of the graft and thus increasing the retention rate
  • Minimizing the feeling of pain
  • Minimizing the risk of infection
  • More frequent placement of grafts on the scalp
  • Obtaining a fuller and natural hair appearance

Este Favor Clinic Hair Transplant Cost Listed;

1.500 USD – 2.500 USD


LIV Hospital (İstanbul)

LIV Hospital is one of the most prestigious private hospitals in Turkey Hospital also offers hair transplant services with its own name. In your process of using these services, you will meet with extra professional doctors. In this way, you will have achieved the most efficient results in the hair transplant process. Founded in 2013, LIV hospital has performed hair transplantation in record numbers. It may be beneficial to note that Liv Hospital provides 13200 hair transplant services annually. If experience of the center you are going to choose is really important to you and you want to receive quality service, LIV Hospital may be a good choice for you. LIV Hospital has 320 doctors working in the field of hair transplantation and aiming to provide you with extra prestigious services. Each of the doctors has been trained to give you professional services in his or her field. In addition, in order to provide you with maximum comfort and best service, a total of 154 beds are in the body of LIV Hospital.

LIV Hospital Hair Transplant Cost Listed;

1.800 USD – 2.500 USD


Asmed Hair Transplant Clinic (İstanbul)

Are you ready to meet a clinic that accepts a large number of patients, especially from European and Scandinavian countries? Specializing in FUE hair transplantation, under the leadership of Dr. Koray Erdoğan, guaranteed permanent hair transplantation procedures are carried out at Asmed. Asmed is well above other clinics in terms of price. Here, a fee between 2 and 2.5 dollars is requested from the patient for the transplantation of one graft. Considering that a standard hair transplant procedure involves 4500 grafts, it is possible to say that hair transplantation processes require between $ 9,000 and $ 15,000.

If your budget is suitable, you can choose Asmed Hair Transplant. The technologies below, produced by your doctor within the framework of scientific studies under the name of FUE innovations, will allow the efficiency of FUE to increase.

  1. K.E.E.P.
  4. KE-BOT
  5. KE-HEAD
  6. KE-REST

Asmed Hair Transplant Center Cost Listed;

9.000 USD – 15.000 USD


AHD Hair Transplantation Center

People who want to transform their hair transplantation process into a vacation generally prefer the AHD hair transplantation center, which serves in Antalya. The clinic, which is run by Dr. Hakan Doğanay offers some services such as free accommodation, free transfer, and medical support. AHD Hair transplantation, which serves in international quality is in the sector for 17 years. To get detailed information about Natural hair transplant, hair transplant in women, FUE hair transplant services offered by the clinic, you can go to the official website.

AHD Hair Transplantation Cost Listed

4.000 USD – 8.000 USD


Adem and Havva Medical Center (İstanbul)

Adem and Havva Medical Center is known as one of the most modern and popular centers recommended by approximately 94 percent of patients. Dr. Safiye Kurt is one of the doctors who has a world reputation and serves in this center. Dr. Safiye Kurt, who has the most important certificates in the field of hair transplant, will be directly interested in your process. As you know, it is extremely important that the clinic you prefer is highly experienced in the hair transplant industry. This experience allows the service you will receive to be of higher quality. In this context, we can say that approximately 16,000 hair transplants have been carried out at Adem and Havva Medical Center so far. A total of 45 countries worldwide from different customers, for hair transplant services in Turkey, prefer this clinic. Moreover, this institution offers excellent opportunities in terms of accommodation services.

Adam and Eva Medical Center Hair Transplant Cost Listed

1.600 USD – 3.000 USD


SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic (Antalya)

Hair transplantation centers in summer holiday regions are frequently preferred by individuals who want to turn the hair transplantation process into a pleasant vacation. One of the most popular hair transplantation centers in Antalya is known as SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic. The budget you need to spend on an average hair transplant service in this clinic is only $ 1750. As rental prices of clinics are higher in Istanbul, hair transplant services can be a bit more expensive in general in there. So, SALUSS Hair Transplantation Clinic, which provides both luxury and affordable services in a place like Antalya, can be an excellent choice because of the cheap prices. You will be very pleased with the hair transplantation process you have done in this clinic, which is extra experienced in DHI (direct hair implantation) and FUE (follicular unit extraction) techniques. This clinic, which uses platelet-rich plasma technology, also aims to make the hair of individuals who have problems such as hair loss healthy. Offering both hotel accommodation and a personal translator, this clinic promises an extra comfortable environment.

Saluss Hair Transplant Clinic Cost Listed;

2.000 USD – 3.000 USD


Serkan Aygin Hair Clinic Docu Medical (İstanbul)

Serkan Aygin Hair Transplant Clinic, which has specialist doctors in its field, is a center with a direct price guarantee. Moreover, this center can provide you with extra advantages not only for hair transplantation services but also for all different services such as aesthetic, plastic and dental procedures, and Brazilian butt lift. Specialist physicians act according to extra hygiene conditions while serving you. Moreover, highly advanced tools are used. Different methods such as Vaser liposuction, FUE, and DHI hair transplants are all possible with advanced tools.

Dr. Serkan Aygin Cost Listed;

2.500 USD – 4.000 USD


Estetik International Clinic (İstanbul)

Aesthetic International Clinic is one of the centers providing intensive service in Istanbul. In this institution, which provides a direct price guarantee, you will be able to receive luxury services. This clinic provides services for all plastic surgery procedures for cosmetic purposes. If you are looking for reliable staff for different services, you can choose here. People who want to receive plastic surgery services in different categories such as the face, body, breast surgery, and the hair transplant will feel very prestigious while having these operations from the Aesthetic International Clinic. Because individuals will be receiving services from specialist doctors for each service. This allows you to have the best results in a short time. Another important feature of the Aesthetic International Clinic is that it has the top 50 most popular surgeons in the world. In addition, approximately 1,000 patients annually add excellent details to their appearance in this clinic. If you want to be one of these people, you can start the process immediately. You can buy a standard package here for approximately $ 2227. A regular transfer service is included in this price. If you want to get service under different medical procedures, definitely contact the doctors. Moreover, if you want to receive more than one service from the same clinic, your second service will be 20 percent discounted. If you get the third service, your discount rate will be 30 percent. In this way, you will have the opportunity to save extra.

Estetik International Hair Transplant Cost Listed;

2.000 USD – 3.500 USD


Transes Hair Transplant Center (İstanbul)

Transes Hair Transplant Center, which has an extremely high score and is therefore known worldwide, is preferred by thousands of people every year. This clinic, which has performed the transplant process of more than 5000 people so far, has highly prestigious doctors. While doctors serve in a very professional way, they follow the basic hygiene rules. If you want to benefit from different hair transplants Turkey services such as FUE, Sapphire FUE, and DHI, you should choose Transes Hair Transplant Center. You can manage your hair transplantation process easily in this center in Istanbul and get support for extra touristic activities. This center, which has been in service since 2007, has a JCI accreditation. This certificate provides extra security, service, and quality, will allow you to feel extra secure. Providing service within the prestigious hospital called Medical Park Bahçelievler, this clinic offers a high level of health quality. It is possible to get a standard hair transplantation service for approximately $ 2700. Moreover, you can get extra operations such as a beard transplant for this fee. You can send an e-mail to use the reservation services 7 days 24 hours and to contact the clinic immediately.

Transes Hair Transplant Cost Listed;

1.500 USD – 2.500 USD


Aestepool Clinic (İstanbul)

Today, the number of clinics that use modern treatment techniques and do this in the safest way is not many. In Turkey, all of these clinics are arranged side by side in Istanbul. If you are looking for a clinic specializing in Follicular Unit Extraction, it may make sense to choose Aestepool Clinic. The advanced hair transplant process run by world-renowned Dr. Ahmed Altan, all your questions will be answered and experts will take care of all the problems you are experiencing.

Aestepool Clinic Hair Transplant Cost Listed

1.500 USD – 2.500 USD


Hair Transplantation Results in Turkey

In order to benefit from the best hair transplantation services in Turkey, you can call the clinic and you can get many different quotes. When contacting the clinics, do not forget to ask which additional services you can get within the price offer. Through different techniques of hair transplant Turkey, you will receive maximum comfort.

Many clinics in Turkey, meets post surgeon’s care for at least several years. Therefore, hair transplantation results can be much more satisfying. In this context, it would be able to tell from Turkey getting really advantageous services in the hair transplant field. Apart from these, in addition to the packages offered for transplantation in Turkey, you can also buy city tour or tourist activities. A completely safe way to spend a few days in Turkey, will also be a holiday for you.

Also, note that all these clinics are related to the governmental offices and they are legal. In your hair transplant city in Turkey research, you can easily realize that especially Istanbul has the most successful centers.

Turkey Hair Transplant Costs

With advancing technology and digital possibilities, it is much easier for an individual to make changes in their physical characteristics than before. One of the most aesthetic themed procedures worldwide is undoubtedly hair transplant services. These services can be extremely high quality and affordable in certain regions of the world. Where the hair transplant materials are purchased, the exchange rate in the purchase process, as well as the price of the workforce in the area served, generally determine the fee you will pay for the hair transplant process. When certain parameters are combined, it becomes possible to get high quality and affordable hair transplant services. Indeed, Turkey is one of the world’s most popular places that hosts many people from Europe for hair transplantation and other cosmetic surgery processes. People who find Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2020 affordable who are totally bald or powerless hair can get service in Turkish clinics using the latest technology.

In Turkey, hair transplantation services usually offered along with accommodation and plane ticket alternatives. If you have chosen a clinic at a central point such as Istanbul, you can sometimes purchase affordable city tour packages and make your medical process a holiday. While walking in Istanbul, you can see many Europeans with a wrapped head! These people are usually people who will be visiting Turkey for hair transplants.


Price of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Many European countries demand a high price for cosmetic surgery for reasons such as the materials are extremely expensive, the competition is low and the labor force is expensive. Hair transplant cost is extremely high especially in countries like England or Germany. 2020 studies have shown that the cost of hair transplant services in European countries is approximately $ 15,000. This price for the hair transplant process is almost five times higher than it is in Turkey. In Turkey, the hair transplant cost ranges from approximately $ 2,000 to $ 4,000. The location, popularity, hair transplant methods, or tools used in the clinic you choose may cause changes in price. In general, the price range is like this.

This price range allows an individual to travel to a country with half of this money instead of having a hair transplant in Europe. European tourists can spend an enjoyable time in Turkey with 5 thousand dollars. That is, they can buy the plane ticket and accompanied by hair transplant services which are run by the highest quality materials.

Methods of Hair Transplant Turkey

Turkey is a country that offers tourists world-class hair transplants. In general, materials with advanced technology imported from Germany used in hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Here are the often the preferred methods of advanced hair transplant in Turkey:

1. Micro FUE technique

Techniques previously applied in hair transplant required cutting a certain point of the scalp and planting the hair in long strips. This was a technique that could cause many side effects, such as bleeding or infection. Moreover, this technique caused you to lose the majority of the hair you had attached. Thanks to the newly developed micro FUE technique, it is now possible to say that the hair strands are placed on the scalp one by one. For this, micro-sized holes are made in the scalp for each strand of hair. With the help of extremely thin, hygienic, and special technology needles, each hair strand is placed on the scalp. The most important feature of the Micro FUE technique is that it minimizes the risk of bleeding in the scalp and also minimizes side effects such as headache or hair loss.

2. DHI technique

Another technique that requires highly technological tools is defined as the DHI technique. This technique is actually quite similar to the FUE technique. However, the need to drill holes in the FUE technique is not used in the DHI technique. An extremely thin pen-like tool that requires dexterity to use should be used in this process. Thanks to this pen, your doctor can provide hair transplant services without having to touch your scalp or perform open reception channels. The risk of bleeding is even lower in this service. Especially individuals with sensitive scalp often prefer this service

3. NANO-FUE technique

In order for each hair strand to be placed at a certain point on the scalp, a certain area will have to be opened. However, tools that are not thin enough and do not use advanced technologies can make the holes made wider. This will cause both hair loss and extra damage to the different tissues of your scalp. Thanks to the 0.25 mm thick advanced tool used within the scope of the NANO-FUE technique, the hair strands are placed much more harmless and quickly into your scalp. One of the most popular features of this method is that it shows hair transplantation very naturally. Those who do not want an artificial image can choose this type of method.

4. Follicular unit transplant

If you want to be treated with the traditional method, you can also choose the Follicular unit transplant technique. Since Turkey for hair transplant services usually prefers to provide the most modern services with the most modern tools, this method is not used much anymore. But of course, there are also clinics that serve with this method. Within the framework of the follicular unit transplant method, a linear line is drawn to your scalp and extremely thin cuts are made within this line. Hair strands are placed in these cuts. Many people who are afraid of the cutting process of this type of application prefer more practical and fewer side effects such as FUE.

Find Your Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

If you want to a hair transplant services in Turkey and if you want to combine this service with your advanced transportation and tour services, you need to do is get in touch with popular hair transplant Turkey firms. Companies can offer you very advantageous opportunities with the hotels and tour companies they have contracted with.

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