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FAQS About Hair Transplant Process

by Hair Transplant Turkey

The hair transplant process is a process that is usually preferred by men and allows for a complete change in the external appearance. The main reason why men prefer this process, in general, is the problem of chronic hair loss. The baldness gene is a disease carried over the Y chromosome. Therefore, the gene carried from father to son can cause chronic hair loss problems in late ages. Of course, there are also hair transplant procedures for women. Many women who want to look fuller hair, make an appointment for various hair transplant procedures. Here the faqs about the hair transplant process:

1. What To Be Careful Before and After Hair Transplant Process?

Hair transplantation requires a surgical procedure. In particular, patients who benefit from the new generation of FUE hair transplant technology undergo a surgical procedure with the aid of anesthesia. During this process, small holes are made on the scalp. These holes are the holes in which the strands will be placed. Opening these holes can cause bleeding to the scalp. Therefore, about a week before the surgical procedure, you need to change your feeding routine. The nutritional process should exclude substances such as gigko biloba, ginseng, fish oil, garlic pill, ginger, saw palmetto, aspirin, and vitamin E for a week.

2. Is It Painful To Have Hair Transplant?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the hair transplant process is the question of is it painful to have a hair transplant. The answer to this question is quite simple. A hair transplant is definitely not a painful process. This is because local anesthesia is applied before the surgical procedure that will take place during the FUE Hair transplant process. Local anesthesia completely numbs the area where the cutting operation takes place. In this way, nerve cells in the region are completely prevented from feeling pain. In addition, pain relief supplements are available for pain that may be felt after the procedure. You can ask your doctor for a prescription for this.

3. What Kind of Appearance Does a Good Hair Transplant Create?

  • The hair transplantation process, which has been carried out in a professional manner, can lead to very good results. First of all, one of the most important features of good hair transplantation is that it creates a natural look. If the process is carried out gradually, people around you will not understand how your hair grows rougher.
  • If good and professional hair transplantation is performed, there will be no trace of the surgical operation during the hair transplantation process. Your scalp will be completely clean and immaculate. Because if the necessary operations are carried out in detail, it is possible to get rid of all traces.
  • hair transplant at maximum density means a hair density of between about 60 and 50 percent. Because approximately 60 percent of the transplanted hair continues to cling to the scalp and grow. The rest begins to fall out. A successful hair transplant will increase your hair density by 60 percent.

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