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The Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant

by Hair Transplant Turkey

In the above, we gave you information about the general features of the DHI hair transplant procedure. Parallel to the above information, we will talk about what advantages this procedure provides. You can read the rest of the article for this. Here The Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant:

  1. DHI hair transplant procedure takes much longer time than other hair transplantation procedures. Alhought it seems just like a negative feature, it allow people to have a fuller hair and achieve it by having to injuries in the scalp. 
  2. DHI hair transplantation, as we have just mentioned, does not require small holes in the scalp. In this way, the hair roots do not have to wait outside for a long time. According to a study, the hair follicles are placed directly on the scalp without waiting too long, allowing the hair follicles to attach to the scalp more strongly. Therefore, this method provides more dense and stronger hair.
  3. In DHI hair transplantation technology, we said that small holes were not opened in the scalp. Not to perform such a procedure will ensure no scalp injury. In this way, the healing process is much shorter because there are no steps in this method to cause injury.
  4. It is really important that such a cut is not performed during the DHI hair transplantation process. Because many people have anxiety about that opening small holes in the scalp has a negative effect on their health, they may give up their hair transplantation desire. In fact, this procedure has no negative effect, but it is still an excellent advantage to have such a treatment alternative to maintain patient psychology as good.
  5. Thanks to DHI hair transplantation, it is possible to obtain denser hair. Because a large number of hair follicles can be inserted randomly into the scalp. In methods such as FUE hair transplantation, hair follicles were placed only in small holes. This resulted in fewer hair follicles being used. But doctors using the DHI hair transplantation method can place a lot more hair follicles on the scalp because they are freer in terms of working space.

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