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Why The Price of Hair Transplant Is That Cheap in Turkey?

by Hair Transplant Turkey

30 percent of the worldwide market of this area is progressing through Turkey. So, what is the reason that many people prefer Turkey for hair transplant from different parts of the World, especially from Europe? In particular, the advantages offered by Turkey regarding price are really important for people. Although hair transplant procedures in Turkey carried out with high-quality technology, what is the reason for the low price? In short, Why The Price Of Hair Transplant Is That Cheap In Turkey?

1.Turkey, due to its location, is one of the regions accepts visitors from both the Asia and Europe. As is known, the country has territories on two different continents. This makes it easy to reach the country. What’s more, most people who do hair transplants here see it as a touristic opportunity. The fact that a large number of people choose the same point has enabled the expansion of options and make the market to has the cheaper service, and creates the increase in alternatives.

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2. The technological tools used in the transplant process in Turkey are imported from the abroad. Some of the popular manufacturers in this field are especially Germany and England. Products purchased from abroad are priced at the dollar rate. Again, the price of the dollar exchange rate determine the price policies of Turkey. Turkey’s present dollar exchange rate is really high right now. In this case, the salary of the person who takes it as dollars or euros can be really advantegeous in order to have hair transplant in Turkey.

3. The number of hair transplant clinics in Turkey very much. Especially in Istanbul, there are hundreds of different clinics. This leads to inter-clinical competition. Clinics offer more affordable packages to attract customers and include services such as tour consultancy.


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