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The Cost of FUE Hair Transplant

by Hair Transplant Turkey

One of the most researched topics related to hair transplantation process is the budget to be allocated for this hair transplantation process. When allocating this budget, of course, it is necessary to conduct very detailed research. If you look at other articles on our website, you’ll also notice that the hair transplant process is a process that many countries have become the object of health tourism. The amounts requested for these transactions in different countries may be very different. Here are different important pieces of information about the cost of FUE hair transplantation:

  1. FUE hair transplantation process is the most expensive process among different techniques. The price requested for FUE hair transplantation in European countries and the United States varies between approximately $ 7000 and $ 15000. However, Turkey, India and a much more reasonable price in several different countries able to get this service. In particular, Turkey, the world realizes approximately 30 percent of the hair transplant market.
  2. In Turkey who want to perform a FUE hair transplant procedure, it should take the budget from approximately 2000 dollars to 4000 dollars for it. Moreover, the fact that the price is so low does not cause any decrease in service quality. The reason for the fact that prices decrease so much when the quality of service does not decrease is the changes in the value of different currencies in general.
  3. FUE hair transplantation process in Turkey is often preferred by people who live abroad. Moreover, If you prefer Turkey, you can also transform your hair transplantation process into a touristic trip. This is because hair transplant clinics in Istanbul also provide tourist services. This enables tourists to spend 3 days in Istanbul with the help of certain tour companies.
  4. The main reason why a higher price is required for the FUE hair transplant process is the use of devices with higher technology for this procedure. Moreover, this process requires a high degree of expertise. Therefore, this procedure is performed by specialist doctors. Therefore, the cost of this process is higher.


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