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Who Can Have FUE Hair Transplant?

by Hair Transplant Turkey

FUE hair transplant can be preferred by many people around the world. Many people of different ages and sexes prefer the FUE hair transplant procedure in order to make their hair healthier. So, who can have FUE hair transplant? What are the conditions for the FUE hair transplant? Under what circumstances is the person considered to be unsuitable for a FUE hair transplant? You can review the rest of our article to find answers to these questions.

In order for the person to have a FUE hair transplant, the hair follicles must be removed from a certain rotating region. As we have explained above in detail, hair follicles must be removed and stored from any part of the body to perform a fue hair transplant. For this, it is very important that the rotating area is sufficient and has certain characteristics.

In fact, it is possible to say that this is the only condition necessary for FUE hair transplant. Apart from this, none of the conditions such as weight, sex, age are important for FUE hair transplant. It is important to have enough hair follicles to inject into the scalp area. This field is called a donor and this area has enough features to fulfill the most basic features of the FUE hair transplantation method.

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FUE hair transplant method can be applied in people with different characteristics and can be applied locally. For example, if a male individual suffers from baldness only on the front of his hair, FUE hair transplant can be applied locally to the area of interest. If an individual has a general baldness problem across the entire scalp, the FUE hair transplantation method can be performed for the entire scalp and can provide useful results. In short, FUE hair transplantation treatments with different intensity can be applied for different conditions.

FUE hair transplant method is also preferred by women. FUE hair transplantation method can be preferred by a large proportion of women who suffer from hair loss due to different reasons. This hair transplantation process, which is carried out completely painlessly, enables women to have healthier and fuller hair.

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