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The Cost of DHI Hair Transplant

by Hair Transplant Turkey

There are a number of clinics available worldwide for DHI hair transplantation. Of course, there are different prices of getting the same service in different parts of the world. In our different articles, we have mentioned why these price differences are due. Again, it is possible to say that one of the most important reasons for price differences is the exchange rates in different countries. Here are the necessary pieces of information about the cost of DHI hair transplant in different points of the World:

  1. In the US and other countries in Europe, you will need approximately $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 to perform the DHI hair transplantation method. It is much cheaper to perform this operation in different parts of the world.
  2. Turkey, for example, DHA is one of the very popular centers for hair transplantation. DHI budget you should allocate to perform hair transplantation process in Turkey varies from 2000 dollars to 4000 dollars. When we compare, we can easily realize that this ratio is at least three times lower than in other countries.
  3. It is very valuable that the surgeon who will take care of you during the DHI hair transplantation process has a high level of experience. Surgeons who achieve this level of experience can perform a job that requires personal dexterity, especially DHI, much more easily.
  4. DHI hair transplantation in Turkey as a country that performs with reasonable prices can be extremely sensible for you. After saving you can make a pleasant summer holiday or cultural holiday plans in Turkey. For this, we recommend you to choose hair transplant clinics in Istanbul. Most DHI hair transplant clinics in Istanbul provide you with the necessary tourist guidance.
  5. During the DHI hair transplantation process, your personal characteristics and the final appearance you dream of will surely affect the price of the procedure. Therefore, we have provided you with the overall price range of the procedure. Although DHI hair transplantation is not less than $ 2000, in some cases it may be higher than $ 4000. This is all about how you are in a personal situation about your hair.

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