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DHI Hair Transplant Without Shaving

by Hair Transplant Turkey

Under normal circumstances, all different hair transplantation methods, including DHI hair transplantation, are performed after shaving. In this way, it is still much easier for the doctor to reach the scalp and a larger area is opened for the doctor to perform the procedure. However, many patients, especially women, may not want to shave their hair when hair transplantation is performed. Because such situations can cause people to have low self-confidence until their hair grows. For such cases, unshaved DHI hair transplantation is available. Let’s examine the details of this method.

  1. What is generally recommended to men is to perform a DHI hair transplant procedure after a complete shave procedure. Women often prefer unshaven DHI hair transplantation. In order to perform the Unshaven DHI hair transplantation process, one must have relatively long hair. If the hair is long, the doctor will have no problem reaching the hair follicles. Since women usually have long hair, this method is more frequently preferred by women.
  2. If shaving is not performed before the hair transplantation proces
    s, the area of the scalp will be a smaller area for new hair to be transplanted. Therefore, less hair transplantation can be performed on the scalp. This may mean less change. It is important that the patient is aware of the possible consequences when making this choice. On the other hand, the use of fewer hair follicles means shorter recovery time.
  3. In short, many doctors offer both men and women an option in order to preserve their psychology and prevent them from feeling bad during the healing process. However, using this option is generally not recommended by doctors. Because using this option makes the results of DHI, which is a very effective method, less effective.
  4. The doctor who is going to make the DHI hair transplant process to be run should be more experienced when the unshaved method is applied. Because in this process other hair strands make the procedure of the doctor more difficult. This may cause this process to take longer.
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