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What Is DHI Hair Transplantation?

by Hair Transplant Turkey

As people’s interest in hair transplantation methods increases, different methods are being investigated. In addition to the classic FUE hair transplantation technique, there is another method preferred by many. This method is called DHI hair transplantation. Today we will try to give you a detailed answer to the question What is DHI hair transplantation. We have tried to answer all the most common questions by using the researches conducted in this field. When you read the full article, you will have detailed information about the DHI hair transplantation process. Let’s start.

When talking about the DHI hair transplant process, it may be a good idea to compare this method with other methods. This makes it easier for you to decide which of the different methods might be more suitable for you. The DHI hair transplant method is defined as Direct Hair Implantation. As the name suggests, hair follicles are placed directly on the scalp.

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In other methods of hair transplantation, approximately one-centimeter holes are drilled in the scalp before placing the ready hair follicles into the scalp. Hair follicles are placed in these holes. However, in the case of DHI hair transplantation, this happens differently. In this method, the hair follicles are inserted into the scalp without any holes in the scalp, which means that a special method is applied for this. The materials used are very important when applying this method.

DHI hair transplantation is carried out without drilling, thus allowing more intensive hair transplantation. This feature completely distinguishes DHI hair transplantation technique from other techniques.

In addition, this procedure can be a bit more tiring and difficult for the surgeon, since the strands are placed in the scalp without opening the hole. The DHI hair transplant method can be completed more slower than other methods. Although micro-size holes in the scalp performed in other methods take several hours, the DHI process also requires several hours for placing the hair seeds.. In general, we can summarize the answer to the question What is DHI. You will find more detailed information in the rest of the article.


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