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Transmed Clinic Reviews, Prices, Detailed Review

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Transmed Clinic was founded in 1994 by Dr. It was established by Melike Külahçı to serve in the field of hair and aesthetic surgery. In 1994, Dr. Melike Külahçı started doing “Follicular Unit Transplantation” in hair restoration surgery. Since 1995, he has been performing hair transplant surgery using the “Mini-Micro Grafting” method. Transmed Medical Team invented the “Mega Mix Grafting” method for hair restoration in 1998 and presented it at the ESHRS conference in Rome, Italy that year.

Founder and Medical Director of Transmed, Dr. Melike Külahçı served on the board of directors of ESHRS and gave lectures at the ISHRS conference in Washington, DC, USA, which she also attended.

In 2000, Transmed Medikal sponsored the third ESHRS conference in Istanbul attended by hundreds of physicians from all over the world. The clinic, which has treated many patients in the field of hair transplantation, has gained a worldwide reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transmed Clinic

Frequently asked questions about Transmed Clinic are as follows.

  • Who will operate: Dr. Melike Külahçı, Op. Dr. Necdet Uçar, Dr. Dr. Ümit Abanuz Erbil, Assoc. Dr. Yalcin Bayram, Op. Dr. Emine Ayla Gokce
  • Is hair analysis free: Yes
  • The place where the procedure takes place: Clinic
  • Is it clinically reliable: Yes
  • Techniques Applied: FUE, DHI, IceGraft, Freshcell
  • Hair Transplant Results Density: 85% and above
  • Top Demanded Countries: Turkey, England, Germany, Italy, United Arab Emirates
  • Overall Satisfaction: 92% and above, successful
  • Graft Count and Density: Maximum graft

Transmed Clinic Recommendations and Complaints

Below are some patient comments about Transmed Clinic. The clinic has mostly positive comments.

Positive Comment:

Negative Comment:

Transmed Clinic Prices

Hair transplantation procedures differ from person to person who wants to have a hair transplant. Transmed Clinic’s transactions are between 6000-10000 TL.

Transmed Clinic Before and After Results

Below you can see the results of some operations performed by Transmed Clinic. For more before and after photos, follow the Transmed Klinik Instagram account with the link below.

Transmed Clinic Contact Information

You can reach Transmed Clinic from the contact information below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/transmedclinic/?hl=tr

Website: https://www.transmed.com.tr/

Email: transmed@transmed.com.tr

Phone: +90 212 281 13 00

Whatsapp: +90 535 025 26 80

This article is not a recommendation letter, people who will have hair transplantation should do their research and talk to a specialist.

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