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Additional Supplements After Hair Transplant

by Hair Transplant Turkey

After the hair transplantation process, two main factors are very important for the health of your hair. The first of these factors is your nutrition routine. The second factor is the support you provide to your body with additional vitamins. Under this heading, we will try to inform you what vitamins your body needs in the process. In this context, you will understand which vitamin supplements you need to obtain. Generally, the doctors who advise you during the hair transplantation process will also inform you about this and arrange a prescription for you. Nevertheless, the information we will present in our article may be useful. Here the necessary supplements after hair transplant:

  1. Iron: Iron is one of the most important substances for hair growth and hair strengthening. Iron is especially critical for strengthening the hair follicles and tying them more firmly to the scalp. It is common information that iron deficiency causes hair loss. Therefore, iron consumption is extremely important. The iron may be removed by means of different vegetables. In addition, if vegetables are inadequate, some medicines containing iron supplements may be taken.
  2. Vitamin E: Vitamin E, like protein, has functions such as wound healing and making the skin more powerful. After the hair transplant process, a certain time is required for the scalp to heal. In order to complete this period more quickly, the body needs vitamin E. Vitamin E can also be taken from different vegetables and fruits. People with high levels of vitamin E deficiency should take vitamin supplements.
  3. Vitamin A: Vitamin A is a very important vitamin in the development process of infants. Vitamin A is very important for the growth, proliferation, and growth of cells. Therefore, vitamin A consumption should be continued intensively. It is very important to take vitamin A for hair cells to grow and concentrate on the scalp more quickly. There are many vegetables where you can get vitamin A. Especially carrots are very rich in vitamin A. But remember that if you have a high vitamin A deficiency, you should take supplements.


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