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Dr. Muhammet Özgehan Tripaesthetic Hair Transplantation Center Reviews and Prices

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Dr. Muhammet Özgehan started his hair diseases and hair transplant surgery career in 2002. He served as Chief Physician of Dışkapı Training and Research Hospital, Secretary-General of Hacettepe University, and General Manager of Hacettepe Teknokent. He founded the clinic Tripaesthetic in 2014 and performed hair transplantation on 10,000+ people from 40 countries. Considering the recent developments in robotic medicine and surgery, he studied robotic surgery at the University of Strasbourg. Dr. Muhammet Özgehan has more than 17 international and national certificates. He still diagnoses and treats hair disorders, provides hair mesotherapy, microsurgery FUE, FUT, and DHI hair transplantation under Tripaesthetic (his own clinic). He has many articles published regarding hair diseases and hair transplantation.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Clinic

  • Who does the hair transplant: Dr. Muhammet Ozgehan
  • Is hair analysis free: Yes
  • Place of the procedure: Hospital
  • Is the clinic reliable: Yes, it is a very reliable clinic with more than 10,000 cases, 20 years of experience, and 4 international awards.
  • Techniques Applied: Dr. Muhammet Özgehan performs hair transplantation with Micro FUE, FUT, and DHI hair transplantation methods at the Tripaesthetic hair transplantation clinic.
  • Hair Transplant Results Volume: 85% and above
  • Top Demand Countries: Over 40 countries from all over the world
  • Overall Satisfaction: 95% and above, successful
  • Graft Count and Density: Maximum graft count and high density hair results

Dr. Muhammet Özgehan Tripaesthetic Hair Transplantation Center Recommendations and Complaints

Below we have compiled a few patient comments about Muhammet Özgehan for you. We would like to state that Mr. Muhammet received generally positive comments, but we also encountered one negative comment. You can find all the comments/complaints about the clinic and the doctor from the links below.

Positive Comments:

Dr. Muhammet Özgehan Tripaesthetic Hair Transplantation Center Prices

Hair transplantation costs are very important for a patient. The best thing to do for this is to do market research and choose the clinic with the highest quality service quality from the available options. If the price is much lower or higher than the average, it may be worthwhile to proceed with caution. As in every clinic, session duration and prices vary according to your hair problems and the number of grafts to be transplanted. You can contact and create an appointment to consult Tripaesthetic to have a free hair analysis and find out the transplant prices suitable for you. Hair transplant prices at the Tripaesthetic clinic are between 7000 TL and 15.000 TL.

Dr. Muhammet Özgehan Tripaesthetic Hair Transplantation Before and After Results

Below you can see examples of Tripaesthetic’s recent work.

You can get many more examples from the contact addresses given below.

Dr. Muhammet Özgehan Tripaesthetic Hair Transplantation Center Contact Information

You can reach the Tripaesthetic Clinic by e-mailing info@muhammetozgehan.com, calling 0312 241 07 41, and writing on Whatsapp 0532 722 02 33. You can also visit the clinic’s website through the link: https://en.muhammetozgehan.com/

This article is not a guide or recommendation. Investigations should be done by the person who will have hair transplantation and can be given by the doctor who will apply the most accurate information process.

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