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Asmed Hair Transplantation Clinic Reviews and Prices

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Dr Koray Erdoğan earned his medical degree from Hacettepe University’s Faculty of Medicine in Ankara in 1994. He finished his obligatory medical duty in Kastamonu before enrolling in the Marmara University Faculty of Thoracic Surgery in Istanbul. Additionally, he got experience working in a Cardiology Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Koray Erdogan began his career in the area of hair restoration in 2000 by helping hair surgeons in their medical clinics. In 2001, he founded ASMED (his clinic) in Istanbul with the assistance of Dilek Cakir. After meeting Dr. Alex Ginzburg at a 2004 workshop and seeing a live FUE operation, he began combining FUT and FUE treatments. By 2005, he had observed that despite the low number of transplants, FUE patients are much pleased with their outcomes than FUT patients. He ascribed it to the donor area’s mild trauma. Dr. Koray Erdogan then refined and expanded his methodology, performance, and outcomes by developing his extraction instruments and techniques. The use of these tools and techniques has been shown in conferences and workshops around the globe and will be exhibited again in June 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey, at the Mediterranean FUE Workshop. At the moment, Dr. Koray Erdogan and his first assistant Dilek Cakir (18 years of hair transplant expertise) do all of their operations using the FUE method.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Clinic

The following are some of the most common inquiries about the clinic.

  • Is hair analysis free: Yes
  • Place of the procedure: Clinic
  • Is the clinic reliable: Yes
  • Techniques Applied: FUE
  • Hair Transplant Results Density: 90% and above
  • Top Demand Countries: England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, France, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Romania, Korea
  • Overall Satisfaction: 90% and above, successful
  • Graft Number and Density: Maximum density and number of grafts

Asmed Hair Transplantation Clinic Recommendations and Complaints

You can find some patient comments about the clinic and its work below. Most of the comments were positive ones.

Positive Comment:

Negative Comment:

Asmed Hair Transplantation Clinic Prices

The clinic’s prices are determined according to the graft number that will be implanted on the patient. The price per graft varies from 2-2.5 €.

Asmed Hair Transplantation Clinic Before and After Results

Below you can find examples of the before and after results. For more examples please visit the clinic’s website.

Asmed Hair Transplantation Clinic Contact Information

You can contact Asmed Hair Transplantation Clinic by using the contact information below:

Phone Number: (Turkey)+90 216 4641111, (United Kingdom) +44 2035191146, (Italy) +39 0294755240, (USA +1 8454612049, (France) +33 176542630, (Spain) +34 911436417, (Sweden) +46 313011832, (Russia) +7 4997045087, (Germany) +49 6989914911, (Czech Republic) +420 228882249, (Serbia) +421 233056718, (Australia) +61 280156855, (Republic of Korea) +82 2 6959 3393

Website: https://www.hairtransplantfue.org/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/asmedhairtransplant/?hl=tr /

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