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Aslı Tarcan Hair Transplantation Clinic Reviews and Prices

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Aslı Tarcan and her team provide medical care to patients in line with their goals by establishing a medical center called Aslı Tarcan Medical Center to improve people’s living conditions.

Aslı Tarcan Medical Center, which is always at the top of the game with its successful work in the growing and changing health sector, has made a name for itself both in the local and international press, especially with its outstanding achievements. Successful work has spread to every department within the company, and the preservation of corporate memory has formed the basis of future success. Aslı Tarcan Medical Center has the vision of providing the highest level of service to people all over the world with its doctors experienced in their fields, as well as being the choice of many countries, especially the United States and European countries.

In the medical facility, services are provided by using the most up-to-date technological products in areas such as aesthetic and plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, hair transplantation, dental aesthetics, obesity surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Clinic

Frequently asked questions about the Aslı Tarcan hair transplant center are as follows.

  • Who will operate: Dr. Ferit Kargaş
  • Is hair analysis free: Yes
  • Where the procedure took place: Medical center
  • Is it clinically reliable: Yes
  • Techniques Applied: FUE and DHI
  • Hair Transplant Results Density: 85% and above
  • Top Demanded Countries: Turkey, England, France, Spain, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Albania,
  • Overall Satisfaction: 96% and above, successful
  • Graft Count and Density: Maximum graft

Aslı Tarcan Hair Transplantation Clinic Recommendations and Complaints

Below are some patient comments about the procedures performed at the Aslı Tarcan hair transplant center. Most of the reviews with the clinic are positive.

Positive Comment:

Negative Comment:

Aslı Tarcan Hair Transplantation Clinic Prices

Hair transplant prices vary from patient to patient. Hair transplantation procedures in Aslı Tarcan hair transplantation center vary between 3000-20000 TL.

Aslı Tarcan Hair Transplantation Clinic Before and After Results

Here are some of the results of the hair transplant procedures performed at the Aslı Tarcan hair transplant center:

You can check out many more examples from Aslı Tarcan’s Instagram account below.

Aslı Tarcan Hair Transplantation Clinic Contact Information

You can reach Aslı Tarcan hair transplantation clinic from the contact information below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aslitarcan/

Website: https://aslitarcanclinic.com/home-new-2/

Email: info@aslitarcanclinic.com

Phone 1: +905318501212

Phone 2: +905552265813

Whatsapp: +905318501212

This article is not written for evaluation or advice. Please do detailed research before hair transplantation.

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