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Vera Clinic Prices, Reviews, and Complaints

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Vera Clinic, one of the leading hair transplant hospitals, continues to work for unprecedented success. They uses especially Fue, Sapphire, OxyCure, Afro hair transplantation techniques in the field of hair transplantation. Vera Clinic provides the best hair transplant treatment in Turkey to many people from abroad. It also organizes operations such as accommodation, transportation, and translation for its patients to have the best treatment process. Vera Clinic, which stands out with its positive comments, especially in hair transplant forums on the internet, concludes the techniques they offer with success.

Vera Clinic Comments and Complaints

We have shared positive and negative comments about Vera Clinic for you below. There are many positive comments about the clinic. However, sometimes negative comments can stand out among positive comments. The number of negative comments is quite low.

You can find positive and negative comments about the company on the following pages:



Positive Comment:

Negative Comment:

Vera Clinic Hair Transplant Prices

Hair transplant prices at Vera Clinic vary according to the technique and hair density.

In general, prices vary between 8000-20000 TL.

You can find detailed information at https://www.veraclinic.net/contact-us/.

Before and After Vera Clinic Hair Transplant Center Results

Vera Clinic achieves successful results with the techniques they apply to their patients. You can view these results in detail on Vera Clinic’s website.

Vera Clinic Hair Transplantation Center Contact Information

You can find the contact information of Vera Clinic hair transplant center below.

Vera Clinic Central Office: +90-542-743-5408

Vera Clinic Surgical Medical Center: +90-(850)-600-0090

Vera Clinic Website: https://www.veraclinic.net/

Vera Clinic Social Media Accounts: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube

What you read in our article is not presented to you as a guide or suggestion. There are positive and negative comments for every hair transplant center that we provide you with. If you will prefer a hair center, you should contact the authorized institutions and have them examined. For suggestions and contact information of the institution, you can get information from our page.

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