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Dr. Emrah Cinik Hair Transplantation Clinic Reviews and Prices

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Dr. Emrah Cinik who is considered one of the world’s finest hair and cosmetic surgeons has already performed over 8,000 hair transplant surgeries and over 9,000 cosmetic surgery procedures. He started his work as a cosmetic surgeon in Bursa in 2004 after completing training programs in medical aesthetics and FUE hair transplantation.

After working in about 20 hospitals, he opened his clinic in Bahcelievler, Istanbul, in 2007. Simultaneously, from 2008 and 2010, Dr. Cinik served as director of medical aesthetics and hair transplantation at the Sultangazi division of the Medical Park Hospital. From 2010 to 2011, he served as the director of Medicana International Hospital’s Department of Medical Aesthetics and Hair Transplantation. Dr. Cinik began his studies in 2011 at Professor Paolo Bonan’s Clinica Villa Donatello in Florence, Italy.

As a pioneer in his profession, he employs cutting-edge methods such as “FUE” and BHT, while maintaining an ethical and personalized approach for each patient. He has established a name well beyond Turkey’s borders as a frequent speaker at the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) annual World Congress.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Clinic

Below you can find some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Dr.Cinik and his clinic.

  • Is hair analysis free: Yes
  • Place of the procedure: Hospital
  • Is the clinic reliable: Yes
  • Techniques Applied: FUE and DHI
  • Hair Transplant Results Density: 89% and above
  • Top Demand Countries: England, Germany, Netherlands, France, Israel, Spain, Poland, Romania, Greece, Russia
  • Overall Satisfaction: 98 % and above, successful
  • Graft Number and Density: Maximum grafts

Dr. Emrah Cinik Hair Transplantation Clinic Recommendations and Complaints

Here we have gathered some comments regarding the work of Dr. Emrah Cinik. A vast majority of the comments were positive except a few.

Positive Comment:

Negative Comment:

Dr. Emrah Cinik Prices

The prices of hair transplantation surgeries vary between 2090-2990€ in the clinic.

Dr. Emrah Cinik Before and After Results

Below you can find some of the before and after photos of patients.

Dr. Emrah Cinik Contact Information

You can contact Dr. Emrah Cinik Clinic by using the contact information below:

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