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Clinic Expert Hair Transplantation Clinic Reviews and Prices

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Clinic Expert is a hair transplant center with more than ten years of expertise, providing high-quality healthcare at international standards at an affordable price. They treat patients from all over the world, with precise and reliable healthcare focused on comfort and wishes.

They see health holistically, meet your needs and participate in all aspects of your health problems. With the experience of the expert healthcare team and managers, they will accompany you throughout your treatment and arrange free hotel accommodation and transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Clinic

Frequently asked questions about Clinic Expert are as follows.

  • Who is operating: Dr. Mesut Tomo, Dr. Huseyin Kaya
  • Is hair analysis free: Yes
  • The place where the procedure takes place: Hospital
  • Is it clinically reliable: Yes it is
  • Techniques Applied: DHI and FUE
  • Hair Transplant Results Density: 86% and above
  • Most Demanded Countries: Turkey, United Arab Emirates,
  • Overall Satisfaction: 90% and above, successful
  • Graft Count and Density: Maximum graft

Clinic Expert Hair Transplantation Clinic Recommendations and Complaints

Below are patient comments about Clinic Expert. There are quite a lot of comments about the clinic and the majority of these comments are positive.

Positive Comment:

Clinic Expert Hair Transplantation Clinic Reviews and Prices

Negative Comment:

Clinic Expert Prices

The price of hair transplant surgery differs for each patient. For accurate pricing, it will be sufficient to contact the clinic and make a consultation appointment. Hair transplantation procedures performed in the clinic are around 8000 TL. This price may change after your consultation appointment.

Clinic Expert Before and After Results

Below you can see the before and after photos of the hair transplant procedures performed by Clinic Expert. Check out the clinic website below for more photos.

Clinic Expert Contact Information

You can reach Clinic Expert from the contact information below.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clinicexpert.tr/

Website: https://www.clinicexpert.com/tur/

Email: info@clinicexpert.com

Phone 1: +90 539 777 53 00

Whatsapp: +90 539 777 53 00

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