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Asmed Hair Transplant Reviews

by Hair Transplant Turkey

ASMED clinic is one of the most successful and most expensive hair transplant clinics in Turkey. Hair transplantation operations are carried out by Dr. Koray Erdoğan. Hair transplantation costs are very expensive. Hair transplant results are very successful. Read more for detailed evaluation of ASMED Clinic Reviews…

What To Consider While Choosing A Hair Transplant Clinic?


It is important to view how many years of experience the hair transplantation clinic has. A higher level of experience will lead to an increase in the success rate over time. Therefore, preferring more experienced hair transplantation clinics increases your chances of being satisfied after the procedure. It may also be a good idea to examine the experience of doctors working in the clinic.

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The clinic where the hair transplant will be performed must have high hygiene standards. Because during the surgical procedures, scalp holes will be made and then the hair strands will be placed in these areas. In short, internal operations will be implemented. If the medium in which such procedures are performed is not sterile enough, the area may become infected. 

How To Choose One of The Hair Transplant Center?

There are many clinics serving in the field of hair transplant. This situation may cause confusion in the choosing of hair transplant services. Those wishing to get a good hair transplant service should pay attention to the Google reviews of the clinic in question. The comments written by the people who have served here on any forum site can also be very decisive in terms of service quality. Therefore, it is very important to conduct detailed research on the internet.
In addition, we recommend that you conduct separate research on both the clinic and the doctors working in the clinic. In this way, you can get much clearer information. In addition to Google reviews, there are different things to consider. For example, even the design of the official website of the institution in question gives you many tips about the clinic.

Google Reviews

It is very important to read the Google reviews of the hair transplantation clinic. A clinic with good google reviews has satisfied its customers. These comments are very important to you. Because you can get the most realistic information about the hair transplant institution thanks to these comments. It is important that the number of Google comments is high and that the Google score is higher than 4.5


We evaluated the hair transplant costs. We looked at the hair transplant results. We also evaluated Google reviews. And we have an idea about this clinic. Unfortunately, There are a few sad patients. You can see their reviews on Google. ASMED Hair Transplant costs are very expensive. In the meantime, you can see great results in this clinic.

Hair Transplant Reviews
Hair Transplant Costs
Hair Transplant Experience
Hair Transplant Results

Before Decide The Clinic

There are really important things To Consider While Choosing A Hair Transplant Clinics. You should definitely consider them. Hair transplantation prices, hair transplantation results and hair transplantation reviews. 


What are the things that make you feel special in this clinic?

  • Great Results
  • Great Experience
  • Hygenic


What are the things that make you feel bad at this clinic?

  • Very Expensive
  • Negative Google Reviews

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