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Clinicana Clinic Prices, Reviews, and Complaints

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Clinicana, the hair transplant center in Istanbul, offers its patients expert surgeons and quality facilities in Turkey. It is highly recommended by clinical patients who use the most modern processes in Turkey and offer various techniques to their patients. The institution, which implements your operations with full security conditions and without hidden costs, provides you with the most natural appearance with the FUE technique. The institution, which guarantees positive results to its patients in a few months, stands out with its positive comments on many forum pages. Clinicana Hair Transplantation Medical Center is located in the best hospital in Turkey and offers you optimum results.

Clinicana Clinic Comments and Complaints

Clinica Hair Transplantation Center has many positive and negative comments. If you examine the forum pages, you can examine the comments in detail. Since the institution stands out with its achievements, you will encounter a lot of positive comments. We share a sample of positive and negative comments for you below.

Positive Comment:

Negative Comment:

Clinicana Clinic Hair Transplant Prices

The prices of Clinicana hair transplant centers vary according to techniques and various packages.

In the institution, you pay 2050 euros for the basic package, 2200 euros for the standard package, and 2450 euros for the Covid 19 package.

For more detailed information about prices, visit https://www.clinicana.com/hair-transplant-cost-turkey/.

Before and After Clinicana Clinic Hair Transplant Center Results

Clinicana hair transplant center has had many successful results. We share examples of successful results for you below. You can visit their website to see more examples.

Clinicana Clinic Hair Transplantation Center Contact Information

The contact information of Clinica’na hair transplant center can be found below.

Clinicana website: https://www.clinicana.com/

Clinicana Number:+90-(549)-300-6069

Clinicana Email Address: info@clinicana.com

Clinicana Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube

What you read in the article is not a guide or recommendation for your hair transplant. Each hair center has many positive and negative features and comments. The person who will have a hair transplant should do their research. You can get the most accurate information from the experts who will do your hair transplant. You can contact us on our website for suggestions and communication.

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