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CapilClinic Hair Transplantation Center Reviews and Prices

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Before starting treatment at CapilClinic hair transplantation center, each patient is evaluated individually. If you are not satisfied with the results of your treatment, it is possible to request a second treatment at no extra cost to achieve the desired result. CapilClinic has a team of experts and staff who are skilled in hair transplantation, use scientific technology, take care of patients from all over the world, and have more than ten years of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Clinic

Frequently asked questions about CapilClinic are as follows.

  • Who does the Hair Transplant?: Dr. Oguz Kayran
  • Is hair analysis free?: Yes
  • The place where the procedure takes place: Hospital
  • Is the clinic reliable?: The clinic serving in many countries such as Mexico, Spain, and Turkey is safe.
  • Techniques Applied: Hair transplantation is performed with FUE, root cell, and DHI hair transplantation methods in the hair transplantation clinic.
  • Hair Transplant Results Density: 90% and above
  • Top Demanded Countries: Mexico, Spain, Turkey
  • General Satisfaction: 98% and above, successful
  • Graft Count and Density: Maximum graft

CapilClinic Hair Transplantation Center Advice and Complaints

We share with you the comments of the patients about the results of the CapilClinic hair transplant center. You can visit the forum pages for more comments.

Positive Comment:

Negative Comment:

CapilClinic Hair Transplant Center Prices

Hair transplant prices vary according to the density of your hair. Therefore, the best price will be revealed only after inspection. Treatments at the CapilClinic hair transplant center cost approximately £1500.

CapilClinic Hair Transplant Center Before and After Photos

Below you can find before and after photos of the procedures performed at CapilClinic:

For more examples, you can reach CapilClinic from the contact information below. This way you can see many before and after photos.

CapilClinic Hair Transplant Center Contact Information

You can visit Instagram and https://www.capilclinic.uk/, call +44-7927-471049 or email info@capilclinic.uk to reach CapilClinic. You can write to your e-mail address.

The information you read is not for advice. People who are considering hair transplant treatment should do their research.

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