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What To Do Before Hair Transplant?

by Hair Transplant Turkey

After the hair transplantation process, the hair tries to stick to the scalp and grow in this way. Therefore, what kind of lifestyle a person has before the hair transplant process is very important. There are many things that hair needs to grow healthy enough. We have prepared a small list of things to do before the hair transplantation process. We recommend that you review this list briefly. Here is what to do before hair transplant:

Just before the hair transplant operation takes place, some nutrients should not be taken. It is especially important that the nutrients that increase bleeding are not consumed in this process. One of these nutrients is caffeine. Caffeine should be avoided, especially one day before the hair transplantation operation and on the day of the hair attachment operation.

It is accepted also for smoking. Many doctors argue that smoking should be stopped completely at least one week before the operation. But those who cannot do so should stay away from smoking for at least a few days.

Eating breakfast, dinner or dessert is not harmless in this sense. The nutrients you eat will not harm you during the hair transplantation process, on the contrary, they are very useful in terms of feeding your hair and strengthening your immune system.

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You should be careful not to apply chemicals to the hair area. For example, substances such as conditioner, dense shampoos or jelly can be harmful in this sense. Hair transplantation is a very intensive process. It is very important that the scalp is completely clean and free of excess hair oil. In this context, it is recommended that you take a shower before the hair transplant operation. It is really important that your hair and scalp be completely clean. It is also extremely important that your hair and scalp be completely dry. Remember to pay attention to these details.

Before starting the hair transplant operation, make sure to give your doctor personal information about yourself. If you have an allergic reaction to any substance, have any illness or experience similar conditions, it is important that your doctor is informed about it.

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